About Me

I'm Matt, a full stack developer with an interest in embedded and IoT devices.

I study Computer Science at Lancaster University, where I am in my second year.

Currently I am seeking an internship for summer 2020; hopefully in a related field such as Software Engineering, DevOps, Networking or Technology Consultancy.


Node.js mobile-agent-platform Package

A JavaScript Mobile Agent Platform that allows an agent to migrate across a network. A Supervisor node dispatches the Agent which can then autonomously move between Worker nodes, carrying/transferring its state and methods to the new node.

Single Sign-On Service

A Single Sign-On Service providing login and authentication/authorisation to all *.mattdavis.info projects. This allows a user to register a single account and use it to access all sites, only being required to log in once.

Personal Pastebin

An alternative to pastebin.com. Paste your code and click to save. A unique URL is generated for each paste and can be shared with others. When viewing your code it features syntax highlighting. You can also view your paste history to find an older paste.

Arduino GPS Tracker

An Arduino GPS tracking solution that uses a GSM SIM module to transmit location data to a web dashboard. The web dashboard uses the Google Maps JavaScript API to provide an overview of the device's travelled route.

Event Countdown Timer

An event countdown timer which is timezone agnostic. Enter a time and date in your local time, then share the link to others around the world. They will see see how long it is until the event, regardless of their timezone. Featuring both a dark and light theme.

EXT2 Filesystem Reader

An EXT2 filesystem reader written in Java. The program takes an EXT2 volume binary and allows read-only access to the volume. It provides functionality including full traversal through directories and semantic links, reading entire files or specific bytes from files, and dumping bytes in both hexadecimal and ASCII formats.

This Website

The code behind this responsive portfolio/cv is also open source. It was written from scratch using only html and CSS, no libraries or frameworks. The only third party resources used are icons from Font Awesome.


Oct 2018 - Present

Lancaster University
Computer Science with Industrial Experience (MSci)

- First Year: 1st Class Honours (86% average),
- Second Year: 1st Class Honours (as of current).

Sep 2016 – Jun 2018

Sandbach School Sixth Form

Grades: Computer Science (A*), Maths (A*), Further Maths (A*), AS Physics (A).

Sep 2011 – Jun 2016

Sandbach School

Grades: Maths (A*), Further Maths (A*), Computing (A), Science (A), Additional Science (A), Geography (A), Graphics Design (A), History (B), Product Design Short Course (B), English Language (C), English Literature (C).

Work History

Aug 2019 - Sep 2019

  Radius Payment Solutions / UK Fuels
Data Cleanse Administrator

I was hired to assist with a short-length project. After many years of trading it had become clear that some customer data had become outdated and unreliable. The aim of the project was to update customer records and ensure that their details were both accurate and dependable.
Jul 2016 - Jul 2017

Replenishment Sales Assisstant

A year of experience at Homebase has given me valuable insight into the retail industry. The role involved anything from working stock, being active on the tills, to helping make customer deliveries. From this I have gained extensive experience with inventory management systems, point of sale terminals and merchandising; this allows my work to be efficient and to set standards. I believe this experience can be highly applicable to many roles.

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